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 Achelle Marchovi

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PostSubject: Achelle Marchovi   Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:53 pm

Achelle Marchovi


March 2, 1994, so this means she is 16. She is currently a sophmore.


Female of course….


Danny Marchovi and Russell Mangibin.

Brief History:

She has two gay dads that have taken care of her since she was born. She was adopted by both of them and they lived in San Francisco, California. They have recently gotten divorced and one of them had to move to Toronto for a job. So she goes to Toronto for school and goes back home to SanFran for the summer. She has won many singing and dancing competition. And in her elementary and middle school, she was the lead in all of the productions.

Physical Appearance:

Ok, first of all it's ay-KELL mar-KOH-vee. She HATES it when people call her ay-SHELL.
Her hair is a dark shade of black with bits of a darker brown. It goes about four inches past her shoulders. Her hair is rather straight most of the time, but in humidity it does have a bit of curl to it. She has long bangs that hang in her face a bit and slightly cover her eyes, which is why they're so long. Her hair has a healthy look to it and has that beautiful glow you see in commercials. Achelle often get irritated with it, especially when it's curled from the humidity, and she'll often pull it back somehow.
Achelle has beautiful, almond shaped eyes. Her eye color is the most unique thing about her, except for being a Shifter. Around her pupil is a beautiful shade of gold. And right after the thin layer of gold is a bright shade of purple. They shine in the light and are actually very beautiful. However, Achelle doesn't think so. This is why she often tries to hide them behind her bangs.
Achelle has a sweet, heart shaped face. Her cheeks and nose are freckled and she often wears a sweet smile. Achelle does not wear very much makeup, since it draws attention to her eyes. However, her eye lashes are long and thick on their own. She tends to wear normal clothing, enjoying her usual colorful tank tops and skinny jeans or jean shorts. But that’s outside of school. When she goes to school, she wears sweaters and semi -short-skirts. She only has a few pair of shoes since she never found much interest in them. Achelle stands at an "adorable" height of about 5'1". She's rather short and hates this. However, all of her old friends thought she was adorable because of her freckles and petite height. She has legs that could reach to the moon. ((although that it’s just exaggeration))


Achelle is arrogant and thinks she is always right. But she actually is. She tends to really know people even though she’s never met you. She is very talkative and ambitious and uses VERY BIG WORDS. She’ll make you want to set yourself on fire. She’s that irritating. But she actually has the best intentions at heart. And she’s very sweet and caring. It’s just that no one understands her. She doesn’t have any real friends because they don’t like her. She loves the theater. She wants to be a Broadway Star and she knows everything that needs to be known about Broadway. She could write you a freaking book. She can be a diva sometimes. She is a total drama queen.


SINGING! DANCING! ACTING! Mostly singing…..and dancing……and acting.



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Achelle Marchovi
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