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 Stephanie Hills

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PostSubject: Stephanie Hills   Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:54 pm

(Less makeup)

Stephanie "Steph" Hills

July 18th (age 17)


Grade 11

Mom: Susan Hills, Dad: Ben Hills

None (only child)

Physical appearance:
Steph has medium blonde hair that comes to just below her shoulders in natural curls. She has light green eye's and quite pale skin, both of which are a family trait. She wears minimal make up and prefers a more natural look. She usually wear dresses, which she loves wearing. She also is always wearing a purity ring and a necklace with a cross, never taking it off

Steph has a happy personality with a positive outlook on life. She is not the smartest person in school, but she is quite intelligent with C-B grades. She cares a bit to much about what people think. She is religious and goes to church every sunday. She suffered from bulimia when she was 13, although she hid it from her parents.

Brief History:
She was born when her parents were in their mid-30's. She was brought up in a very really religious family that protected her from anything they deemed 'dangerous'. She went to a faith school until the age of 15, when it lost funding and shut down. She then began at Degrassi, although her parents were a bit worried, she insisted she would avoid anything bad.

A cat called Garfield

She is a good singer and is currently in the church choir

- Her cousin is Alex Hills, after all he has done, she still loves him and she believes that she can change him
- She is half Welsh, his father is from Wales
- She speaks fluent Welsh
- She has duel nationality, Canadian and British
- She has never been in a relationship
- She and his family go to a different country on vacation each year
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PostSubject: Re: Stephanie Hills   Sun Oct 17, 2010 3:30 am


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Stephanie Hills
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